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Your truth is found in the space of ease





Your truth is found in the space of ease


Mindfulness Guided Meditation


benefits & outcomes

WHY Mindfulness Guided Meditation?

benefits & outcomes

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness means Awareness. Which is noticing our thoughts, feeling our thoughts. Which is being aware of what we are aware of. Now we are present. Now we have space. Now we transform.

Meditation is NOT the practice of getting “there”, rather allowing and being with our thoughts and feelings.



Christine believes there is a desperate need for awakening during these turbulent times. The pandemic has touched pain points for millions of people around the world! This disruption has uprooted fear, insecurities and dis-ease. The world is experiencing severe instability. The not-knowing has manifested into extreme stress, emotional and physical overwhelm. And even death!

The path to inner peace restores the connection to your true self.

Christine teaches people how to have compassion and kindness toward themselves. It is through self compassion that inner wisdom, ease and peace arises.

Mindfulness guided meditation provides the space to see your true self and be it!

It is Christine’s heart felt MISSION to help people around the world to tap into their own wisdom and open to peace and ease.


“Christine’s meditation is like a miracle mind massage. Her voice is so soothing that it lulls away all my worry and stress”

Maureen L.

“Christine’s guided meditation program peacefully gets you to a place of deep relaxation, healing and groundedness. Especially needed in this stressful and uncertain time of COVID-19. Christine gets us to the moment, here and now, which is the only thing we can be sure of and which gives us a sense of security and relaxation.”

Melany B.

“It’s helpful to get a refresher course from time to time and I find Christine’s Mindfulness sessions are extremely helpful! She is an indispensable relaxation fitness trainer.”

Dana E.


Book a Session with Christine

Is it difficult for you to relax and unwind your mind? In my Guided Mindfulness Meditation class, you will experience deep relaxation. In this state of deep relaxation, you can find ease. Your truth is found in the space of ease. Be still and you will know.
You will learn mindfulness techniques to quiet your mind so that you can be happy, joyous and free!

Join me every Wednesday 6pm to 6:45pm for my

Mindfulness Guided Meditation


Christine is wonderful! I really enjoyed her group session. Besides leading us through a thoughtful meditation, she asked us to look at ourselves, in turn, and focused our attention on feelings in the present moment. Besides identifying my own thoughts, I also related with the others in the group, which created a safe environment for me. I highly recommend.
I’ve known Christine for many years, and she’s a deeply spiritual human being with a marvelously big personality. Her meditation is a lovely reflection of her, and I highly recommend you give it try. The worst thing that could happen is that you leave totally relaxed.
Mary Lyn M.
Christine’s voice was made to guide people back home to themselves through meditation. Her meditation and mindfulness class every week is a gift for mind, body, and soul. I’m always relaxed and refreshed after!
Jessie S.
I really enjoyed the relaxation/meditation session with Christine. I felt so relaxed during and after the meditation. My body felt very light. Looking forward to more sessions.
Phyllis R.
Christine’s meditation class is a gift. Her voice is soothing and grounded. I appreciate taking the time to slow down my mind, body and breath.
Stephanie M.
I do my best and most effective work when I feel like right action is flowing through me. It comes from a sense of alignment . In Christine’s voice and approach to guided meditation, I immediately hear and feel her belief in the power of people. I come away from a guided meditation with Christine feeling relaxed, invigorated, and deeply affirmed. She is great at fostering a shared group experience, whether it is in person or online. A shared meditation with Christine is a reminder of who we are, and a reinforcement of the solid ground that undergirds our power.
Jeremy E.
I was in so much pain during Christine’s meditation that it was very difficult to relax and be mindful. In spite of that, I followed her through all the steps and tried to benefit from her instructions and soothing voice. Miraculously, at the end of the session, I had less pain! It is by no means gone but I feel I can benefit from regular practice and appreciate Christine’s guidance to help me.
Pamela D.
I got this lifesaver, a very important message from Christine: “The Universe loves you!” Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic shelter in place feeling all alone and helpless. I feel as if I’ve been ignored and deserted by the whole world! Christine’s guided meditation gave me comfort and peace!
Shirley S.
I attended Christine’s guided meditation today and truly enjoyed it. Christine’s soothing voice put me at ease and slowed down my busy mind in this very stressful time. Very grateful I found a wonderful sense of calm and peace after the meditation. Thank you Christine!
Christoper T.
I really enjoyed Christine’s guided meditation. Her voice is very soothing, and it was a very nice way to relax and be in the moment!
Emily E.
Christine’s voice was soothing and deliberate which gave me a sense of safety in letting go and allowing my meditation to flourish. She’s a great teacher!
Virginia J.
Feeling stressed? Christine’s guided meditations and soothing voice will lead you to a less anxious clearer thinking inner self. Highly recommend!
Darlene D.