mindfulness meditation

The science behind it

Mindfulness means Awareness. Which is noticing our thoughts, feeling our thoughts. Which is being aware of what we are aware of. Now we are present. Now we have space. Now we transform.

Meditation is NOT the practice of getting there; rather allowing and being with our thoughts and feelings.

In the space, now you can touch presence. Presence can also be called God, divine presence, universe or nature, the trees, the ocean, the sky. Whatever you choose. Presence does not need to be labeled. It’s a feeling of being in the present moment that opens us to Source!

Divine mind, inner guidance, awareness creates expansion to the openness of our inner wisdom which is our intuition. It connects us to divine wisdom. It connects us to the Devine universe. Meditation and mindfulness opens us up to our true self through our inner guidance to our inner wisdom. The universe is at one with our inner wisdom.

Meditation transports the brain into a theta state. In this state of deep relaxation ithe mind unwinds. It opens to ease.

Science demonstrates that neuro pathways and anatomical structure of the brain changes and transforms. Science shows this MRIs of people who have done continuous daily meditation for 20 minutes or longer each day over a period of time.

The brain goes into a theta state of deep relaxation. Where the subconscious opens. It opens to a higher state of being and energy. Your higher self. Your higher purpose. And your self-care. Your nourishing. Your healing. Your transformation into peace. And well-being.

The brain relaxes and sees reality as it is without any judgment or attachment. Fear and doubt can be released. You can surrender to your wisdom and inner knowing.

Creativity is increased. So your ideas are manifested into the things that you really want…your Heart’s desires.

Guided Mindfulness meditation is the pathway from the theta state to the delta state. Through awareness Feeling the difficult emotion, stress and pain, the brain’s neural pathways change. Your behaviors change. The coping skills that no longer serve you open to your higher self. You have the space and freedom to live and work with ease.

Thomas Hübl, an international acclaimed expert on individual and collective trauma, says:

“The phenomenon of numbness, the act of switching off and dissociate feelings in the encounter with overwhelming, is central to the trauma process. And it is crucial to the healing of trauma, the collective trauma healing work, and plays a role in human development. Numbness is not nothing.
Numbness is an active process of not feeling. Which means numbness needs energy. The numb parts in myself, the dissociated parts, take energy. It’s a doing, it’s not a being. That’s not our natural state. Our natural state is to be connected to life, feeling and sensing is our natural state.
I can develop in my own inner work a more precise presencing method, that when I notice that I’m numb, I’m noticing something already. So when I stay with not feeling and I can precisely meet myself in not feeling, my awareness merges with that process.
And in the moment that I become one with the process of numbing, I bring light into that part of my body …”