Christine Nesbitt

How I became who I am today

I’ve been on a spiritual path for over 20 years. I have practiced and studied mindfulness meditation and mindfulness techniques to overcome severe stress and trauma. I transformed my life into health, well being and ease!

I survived a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in my 40’s and lost my memory for a year and a half. It completely derailed my life – I lost everything! My professional job, my home, my self-worth and identity! I lived in a state of constant fear and deep despair.

I developed extreme anxiety around work performance, because I couldn’t actuate the high-level of Brain power I once had. My brain was not functioning properly! It took eight years for my full cognition to return.

Doctors told me my memory and full brain cognition would never come back!

I coped by being numb! Numbness is an active process. When we feel numb – we are disassociating.

The pandemic during 2020 caused me to have unmanageable stress, feelings of despair and isolation. Thereby triggering my old traumas. Just like the rest of the world was experiencing!

This is called collective trauma.

Collective trauma comes from stressful times in our developmental years. Being numb is a coping mechanism to deal with stress so that we can survive at work and our personal life.

Numbness is a natural human instinct to suppress our emotions like fear, shame and insecurity.

When YOU feel emotions in your body, it is released! And then you feel better! It is only by feeling the emotion in the body that it gets released.

Mindfulness guided meditation and mindfulness practices transform and release stressful emotions.

As far as my traumatic brain injury… I did heal! It was a miracle! Guided mindfulness meditation and mindfulness practices helped me heal and transform!

I realized that if I didn’t have self compassion and love, I would never heal and get my life back!

The constant fear of not being able to perform the way I did before the brain injury caused me intense overwhelm. Thus I had insomnia for 20 years!

Through years of deep self analysis and spiritual work I transformed and healed.

I believe life happens for us! My brain injury experience awakened me to my true self… my true worthiness.

Through guided mindfulness meditation I became aware that I was never broken and I don’t need to be fixed. I learned to love myself and have compassion for myself.

I learned how to have ease in my life…This did not come naturally to me at first!

I am a slim, healthy and athletic women, but 30 years ago I gained 100 pounds! This was a coping mechanism from past traumas. It clearly was not a healthy coping mechanism, but it made me numb. That’s how I survived!

I let go of those 100 pounds over 10 months. I used mindfulness practices to change my thoughts and my behavior. I let go of dieting. I learned how to accept myself as I am. I carefully researched and implemented new nutritional guidelines that stopped my triggers for compulsive over eating. I gradually developed a new relationship with food. A relationship of self kindness and self-love. I have been free of compulsive over eating for over 25 years! I enjoy food and eating with ease every day of my life now.

Through my brain injury experience, I learned mindfulness techniques that restored me to health, balance and ease.

It was not easy at first, but extreme pain makes us change!

I saw that if I didn’t accept and love myself I would never heal!

Self compassion and being kind to ourselves is the answer to ease well-being and joy! When we first give that to ourselves, we are able to be compassionate with the world. And not take things personally.

Mindfulness has taught me to not judge my thoughts and feelings, but instead to notice them. Acknowledge them. Feel them. And then accept them. Which helps me accept life on life‘s terms no matter what the circumstances!

The path of mindfulness meditation and awareness has opened me to ease and peace.

Mindfulness has helped me become to my true self. It’s helped me trust myself. And most importantly it is helped me trust that the universe has my back!